Custom Build Exhibition Stands

Do you want to find a reliable and experienced company who can custom build exhibition stands? Each of the exhibition stands we construct for our clients are entirely bespoke. We plan, design and build our exhibition stands under one roof, with the support of our client. After all, you know your branding and company better than anyone else.

During our 28 years of experience, we've worked for many clients in various industries, including retail, technology, food & drink, oil, finance and the aerospace industry to name just a few. You would think after all these years that we've seen every exhibition idea there is, but we haven't, and we continue to see fresh exhibition stand ideas. The reason that we succeed with our clients is because we allow them to get fully on board with designing the exhibition stand. We don’t believe there are limits to creating your exhibition stand, and our main aim here at MEMS International is to create the finest and most eye catching structures in exhibition stand design.

By building custom exhibition stands, we can guarantee an increase in the chances of your exhibition stand standing out, being noticed and attracting all exhibitors. With a wide variety of services, we can support you with not only the design and construction of your exhibition stand, but we can also provide stand management, storage and set-up.

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