Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Are you looking for an exhibition stand company who can assist with putting together a custom built exhibition stand tailored to your business? Here at MEMS International, we have worked alongside many companies and produce astounding results. We can guarantee a bespoke exhibition stand, and we can almost guarantee that it will succeed in making you and your business stand out at any exhibition stand.

Like with many industries, technology has had a massive impact in the operation and function of industries; it certainly has had a big impact in the formation of exhibition stands. With much more on offer due to technology, your exhibition stand can become a haven for exhibition goers; especially if you design it just right to attract potential customers in. Having this kind of power to attract exhibitors into your stand requires a great amount of skill and knowledge - which our team has. We will be able to work with you to implement your tailored requirements, and we’ll be able to recommend certain features for your exhibition stand. Our team has a great amount of experience when it comes to exhibiting, especially when it comes to designing, installing and managing exhibition stands.

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Corporate Suite Fitout 2013
o2 Arena London

Baker Hughes

Techday 2014

BJ Services

SPE 2011
Custom Gallery Concept Exhibit