Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Custom built exhibition stands are integral for ensuring your business stands out from the crowd at any exhibition or trade show in the UK or across the globe. With our expert exhibition stand design team here at MEMS International, we’re confident we can provide the perfect stand to fulfil your objective.

Because we have worked with such a variety of clients, we know that even if a business provides a similar service in the same industry, the businesses always differ. All businesses have a unique selling point, whether it’s a product, service or the team itself, it’s vital to embrace these differences – which is what we try to achieve with our stands.

With each project the main focus is the design of an exhibition stand, but we’re just as responsive to the importance of the construction and management of exhibition stands across the nation. When you require a custom built exhibition stand, then look no further. Our work involves personalisation, so when it comes to designing your stand, we will work in collaboration with you to ensure your exhibition stand accurately matches you and your business.

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Corporate Suite Fitout 2013
o2 Arena London

Baker Hughes

Techday 2014

BJ Services

SPE 2011
Custom Gallery Concept Exhibit