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Do you want to find a dependable and devoted exhibition stand design company in London? Here at MEMS International we simply enjoy designing exhibition stands for a variety of companies. We work across a number of industries across the globe on a daily basis. This allows us to keep our ideas fresh and innovative with new styles and designs for each varying client and sector.

Although every company is different, it's still important to create the finest and most eye catching structure in exhibition stand design, no matter what industry sector your company is a part of. Even though we have been working across the globe for the past twenty-eight years, we still hear some interesting and never before seen stand concepts. We may know what will stand out and capture the imagination of your business, but what we always rely on with each project is the knowledge you have of both your business and your specialised industry knowledge – without this combined knowledge, we do not believe we could create as many successful exhibition stands as we do. We always listen to our clients and always encourage you to be involved in the design and planning of the exhibition stand.

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Corporate Suite Fitout 2013
o2 Arena London

Baker Hughes

Techday 2014

BJ Services

SPE 2011
Custom Gallery Concept Exhibit