London Based Exhibition Stand Contractor

Are you a business looking to exhibit in London? Here at MEMS International we are a London based exhibition stand contractor who has worked with many clients across a range of industries. Our specialities lie within the design, construction and management of exhibition stands. The reason that we are able to accommodate to each varying industry is simply because we enjoy working alongside our clients.

When creating an exhibition stand it is key to ensure that the client is fully involved in the process of design. Embracing a company’s image and branding is key – each business is different and by implementing cohesion between your business and your exhibition stand, you will succeed in tempting your potential clients and business partners.

After twenty-eight years we have no doubt seen a great range of exhibition stand structures in our time, but most importantly we feel there is still a huge gap for new designs to be developed. We know how to create the finest and most eye-catching structures for your very own personalised exhibition stand.

Even though we do offer exhibition stand design and construction services, we also provide a range of management services for your exhibition stand – for the day of your exhibition and simply for the storage of the stand when it’s not being used.

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