London Based Stand Contractor

As a London based stand contractor, many of our clients believe us to be limited to the UK in terms of supporting you on the day of your exhibition; this is not true. We offer a global service where we not only build your exhibition stand, but we can manage, store, set-up and transport your exhibition stand. Finding an exhibition stand isn’t quite like heading into a warehouse of stands and picking the one you like most, it’s a creative process.

Exhibition stand design

Designing and building your exhibition stand is much like painting a picture – you start with a blank sheet of paper and an idea; then you begin painting the picture, steadily build on it, to form a beautiful painting at the end. It may take time to produce the image, but it’s most definitely worth the time and effort. Here at MEMS International, we offer a number of specialist exhibition stand services for companies in a variety of industries, ranging from technology, retail and transport.

Exhibition stand builders

There are no limits to our exhibition stands; we provide a variety of services to build your own tailored exhibition stand. You can chop and choose between our services, some of which include custom stand construction, graphic design & printing, project management, installation & dismantling, global storage, bespoke projects, pop-up exhibition stands and entertainment & celebrity management.

When you require custom built exhibition stands for your exhibition attendance, look no further than our professional services here at MEMS.

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