London Exhibition Stand Contractors

Are you looking for a London based exhibition stand contractor? Here at MEMS International we provide our exhibition stand services across London, on a nationwide and global scale. With our wide range of exhibition stand knowledge, we’re confident in producing your very own personalised exhibition stand for your business. Although we are the experts in exhibition stand construction, design and management, we always take on board what our clients demand; working closely with them to produce quality results.

A typical exhibition stand contractor will outsource all of the parts of the service, but here at MEMS, we have our own group of skilled exhibition specialists to support you. We have a designated team to help you with the design process, a team to build the stand and a team to effectively manage it. There are many different styles of exhibition stands, meaning there are different kinds of exhibition stand designers; including advertising & marketing agencies, exhibition contractors, full-service exhibition contractors/exhibition stand designers and independent exhibition stand designers. We are the exhibition stand company who offers the complete package in terms of exhibition stands, so continue to our website to see our full range of services.


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