Retail Exhibition Stands

Are you involved within the retail industry and are soon attending an exhibition? Preparing for the exhibition doesn't need to be so difficult, so if you're panicking then calm down and simply come to MEMS International, we can help you to create the best and most eye capturing retail exhibition stand which is guaranteed to draw in all those passing potential customers. The aim is to always stop them from walking and instead direct them to your exhibition stand, so they can see what you can offer them. This is always achieved with one of our professionally designed and constructed exhibition stands.

How do we produce the best exhibition stands for our clients?

The answer is relatively simple. Although we use a range of materials and have expert designers and builders who are the heart and soul of putting them together, the key aspect is actually the work we do closely with our clients. We always work closely with our clients, and this is the key to all the success of the exhibition stands we produce.

If you're sitting there and wondering whether we can create an exhibition stand for you and your business, the simple answer is yes. We've worked with a variety of industries and companies, some of which include retail, technology, finance, pharmaceutical, media, energy and aerospace.


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o2 Arena London

Baker Hughes

Techday 2014

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